Original 16mm amateur film 'Ships'


800 feet plastic canister, colour, silent footage. Reel starts with shots taken in Southampton, filmed from slightly high view points, different angle, city, roofs, church, factory Montague L. Meyer Ltd Timber ; a coast filmed from a boat/ship, 2 women and a man on a ship, shots of coasts with mountains in background ; shot in harbour ship 'Hanseatic'sailing ; group of people/tourist on little boats ; shot in hotel/building court (spinish style and spanish sign plus one in english: wine tasting) shots in city, streets, palm trees ;

Few feet of leader ; shots in busy streets, tourist, man walking, woman taking pictures, small harbour ; shot of a safety boat lifted on ship ; people sunbathing on bridge of cruise ship ; passing by desertic coast, then populated coast ; panorama of coast with a funicular, people getting of ship, with sign '29 lines, Arcadia, Salvador, 20 May 1968', Salvadorian port, fishermen, local life, tourists hotel, shots taken from high window/point, overview of city, coast ; shots taken from moving car, landscapes ;

Splice ; filmed from cruise ship, toursits, sunset on sea ; panorama of Rio de Janeiro (?) ; few feet of leader ; different shots of city, streets filmed from moving car , Rio de Janeiro (war memorial), motorway, tunnel, telepheric to a mountain top ; different panoramic views of Rio (Christ statue) ;

Splice ; shots taken from moving car ; waterfall, mountain, Rio de Janeiro ; shots on cruise ship, animation for tourist, show, people throwing other in the ship's pool ; shots on land, Dakar/Senegal (Clairafrique bookshop, chambre de commerce...) different shots on street, local population and tourist from cruise ; further shots of coast ; shots on ship of arrival at Southampton docks ; shots taken from moving car passing Stonehenge site

These reels of original amateur filmed footage were shot by William Herbert Glyn Thomas who was a Travel Agent, born in 1916, who passed away in May 1992. The films relate mainly to two topics: railways and travel abroad and were taken between mid-1960s and early 1970s, though not all railway footage, they document travel in all its forms and demonsrate the link between railways and leisure travel.


Moving Images
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acetate, cardboard, metal (unknown) and plastic (unidentified)
16 mm film
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Mr Glyn Thomas