Original 16mm amateur film 'Railways- Southampton and Pembroke'


Different bits of films, some upside down, put back toe to head (normal projection side)

Window view on board moving train ; lineside shot of locomotive 45647 passing near station ; window shots on board moving train, passing through tunnels, near a power station close to rails (Ironbridge Power station?), Severn Valley Railway?

Cut, film not spliced - View of Southampton in background, locomotive Honeton 34034, pulling green livery carriages and restaurant/buffet cars, Southampton Central Station ; railway on the coast, filmed from bridge (?), 45190 passing with carriages in maroon livery ; 73035 passing in station (station on bay, coastal railway) ; (splice) magenta faded film, different shots locomotives (2287, 9464..) ; shots taken on board moving train, filming locomotive 7804 passing with plate 'Pembroke Coast Express' ; window shots taken on board moving train (landscapes, houses, cows in fields, viaduct), passing a Deltic, water in the gutter between rails (filmed from front of train), passing Severn Tunnel Junction tunnel, black frames, exiting a tunnel ; large shot of a freight train pushed by steam locomotive

These reels of original amateur filmed footage were shot by William Herbert Glyn Thomas who was a Travel Agent, born in 1916, who passed away in May 1992. The films relate mainly to two topics: railways and travel abroad and were taken between mid-1960s and early 1970s, though not all railway footage, they document travel in all its forms and demonsrate the link between railways and leisure travel.


Moving Images
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acetate, cardboard, metal (unknown) and plastic (unidentified)
16 mm film
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Mr Glyn Thomas