Danish poster with geometric figures titled Albert Einstein


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Poster titled Albert Einstein depicting lines of coloured squares tilted at angles from each other, on a black background.

Part of a series of three Danish posters by GeNistreg (g9streg) representing Pythagoras, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Pythagoras is represented with a figure composed of triangles. Einstein with one of undulations. Hawking is represented with a spiral pattern of circles, likely evoking black holes and the shape of light falling into them.

G9streg also made posters inspired by other scientists, including Darwin, but Hawking chose only the ones connected to his work.

Distributed around Stephen Hawking's Office are a selection of items with layers of scientific significance easily missed by the untrained eye. These are toys and gifts that have the closest connection to Stephen's theoretical work: research he was particularly proud of, and which also provided an easy way to illustrate difficult aspects of his theories to visitors.

In addition to photographs, all of the walls of Stephen Hawking's office were covered in posters, customized framed gifts and artwork, which together represent over two hundred items. Their location shifted with some frequency, and some items were circulated in and out, but there remained a consistent sample from throughout his professional life. Some of the older items, having hung for many decades on several of his office spaces, show considerable fading caused by sunlight.


Stephen Hawking Office
Stephen Hawking’s Office
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paper (fibre product)
overall: 696 mm x 497 mm .175 kg
Accepted in lieu of Inheritance Tax by H M Government from the Estate of Stephen Hawking and allocated to the Science Museum, 2021