Box for model of Mass Radiography Unit, England, 1948-1955

1948-1955 in England

Wooden box for wooden model of Mass Radiography Unit x-ray apparatus, scale approx 1:12, with 7 figures, English, 1948-1955

Mass miniature radiography was used in the United Kingdom from 1936 until the 1970s. Doctors using radiography and X-rays found that some of those who appeared ‘healthy’ still showed signs of disease, such as lesions in the lungs caused by pulmonary tuberculosis. It was the ability to detect and diagnose this disease that motivated the development of cheap and quick radiography units. X-ray units are now available in hospitals. This model shows what a unit would have looked like and it may have been made for an exhibition or to show people what to expect at a mobile unit.


Object Number:
complete, fabric, metal, paint and wood
overall: 180 mm x 370 mm x 340 mm, 0.9kg
green man figure: 162 mm x 58 mm x 32 mm,
figure: 163 mm x 65 mm x 35 mm, 0.08kg
display shelf: 598 mm x 302 mm,
area of model: 185 mm x 460 mm x 205 mm,
  • visual and verbal communication