Electronic sphygmomanometer, Saitama, Japan, 1977

1977 in Saitama prefecture

Jasco electronic sphygmomanometer, model J-108, mk II, plastic and metal, made by Japan Standard Corp., Saitama, Japan, 1977

A sphygmomanometer measures blood pressure. To do so, a rubber cuff was inflated above the elbow to block the pulse in the lower arm. In modern sphygmomanometers, the cuff is pumped up and the pulse listened to with a stethoscope until the sound disappears. The technique was described by N. S. Korotkov (1874-1920) in 1905. This instrument is the model J-108, mk II. It was made by the Japan Standard Corporation. With this device, the disappearance of the pulse is detected electronically and registered by an audible signal.


Clinical Diagnosis
Object Number:
1979-336 Pt1
glass, metal (unknown), plastic (unidentified), rubber (unidentified), textile and velcro
overall (main part upright): 136 mm x 200 mm x 46 mm,
overall (stethoscope with rubber tube): 770 mm
overall (cuff rubber tube, appx): 910 mm
John Bell and Croyden Limited