Fleming, Arthur Percy Morris (C.B.E., D.Eng., M.Sc., M.I.E.E.) 1881 - 1960


Educated at Portland House Academy, Isle of Wight he attended Finsbury Technical College, London as a student of electrical engineering. After working for London Electric Supply Corporation and Elliott Brothers he was selected by the British Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co Ltd, a newly established company at Trafford Park in 1900 to attend a training course at its American factory.

He was one of the “Holy Forty” to undergo training before arriving at the Trafford Park Works in 1902 as a specialist in electrical insulation. The “Holy Forty” were trained in American methods of manufacturing, which later formed the nucleus of training in the Trafford Park factory.

Fleming was responsible to setting up the initial training for all new school boy recruits entering the company. He later went on to establish and develop a trade apprentice training school in 1914 and because of this was made Manager of the company’s training department. It was not only the training of apprentices which concentrated his mind. He realised that a company would gain from having its own research department. However, due to the First World War his ambitions to set up a research department had to wait until 1920. The same year he was awarded a C.B.E. for his contribution towards the detection of submarines as part of the “Lancashire Submarine Committee”

Along with his work at British Westinghouse, later to become Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co Ltd he was also member of the Council of the University of Manchester, on the governing body of Imperial College of Science and Technology, delegate of the City and Guilds of London Institution and chair of numerous trade federations and bodies. He was knighted in 1945.