Joseph Casartelli & Son Ltd

Guiseppe Luigi Casartelli [Joseph Louis] was born in 1823 in Tavarnerio, Northern Italy. When he was eleven his family emigrated to Liverpool where they joined other members of the family, who were already producing barometers and thermometers.

In 1851, Joseph moved to Manchester and purchased the instrument making business of Joshua Ronchetti, a native of the same family as his family. Joseph expanded the business and was soon making additional optical, surveying and engineering instruments. Joseph improved on the design of various instruments and eventually made applications for a total of seven patents for improvements to steam engines, boilers and surveying equipment.

In 1877 he acquired a small workshop in Robert Street, Cheetham Hill but, as business increased more space to manufacture the instruments and other equipment was required and the company moved to larger premises in Clarence Street. His son, Joseph Henry, born in 1862 joined his father’s business and eventually Joseph brought Joseph Henry into partnership with him in 1896, after which it became known as J Casartelli & Son

Joseph died in 1900 and the business was carried on by Joseph Henry. In 1905 the works were moved to Hayes Yard, Garrett Street, Manchester. The company continued to expand as a result of the demand for the instruments both nationally and internationally. In 1922 all departments of the company were moved to new premises at 18 Brown Street, off Market Street.

In 1929, the company took over the Liverpool business. However, due to the depression went into liquidation in 1933. The rest of the company continued to make and sell surveying and textile testing equipment under the Casartelli name until 1966, when it moved once more to premises on Liverpool Street, Salford.