Manchester Oil Refinery Ltd


Manchester Oil Refinery Ltd, (sometimes known as M.O.R.) was established as a private company in 1936 by refugees Dr Georg Tugendhat and Dr Franz Kind, and was based in Trafford Park Manchester. The company began constructing a petroleum refinery to make lubricating and transformer oils, and started operations in 1938.

Due to government restrictions enacted during the Second World War the refinery was shut down in 1941 but soon reopened when it was shown to be advantageous to refine products locally rather than rely on imports.

In 1948 Manchester Oil Refinery acquired an interest in a Belgian refinery, increasing its stake over time.

In 1949 the business became a public company with wholly-owned subsidiaries Puremor Ltd (formerly Manchester Transformer Oil Ltd), British Transformer Oil and Lubricants Ltd, Raven Oil Co Ltd, and Petromor Ltd. It had two further part-owned subsidiaries, Petroleum Inventions Ltd and Flexibox Ltd.

By 1955 Manchester Oil Refinery had established a new subsidiary, Trafford Chemical Developments Ltd, and acquired the remaining shares in Petroleum Inventions Ltd.

The company made a further acquisition in 1957, when Marine and Industrial Lubricants was purchased from Lambert Brothers. The business also invested in chemical distribution companies.

In 1960 Manchester Oil Refinery was itself acquired by Lobitos Oilfields Ltd, adding to its refineries business.

By 1963 the company was owned by the Burmah Oil Co.