John Hall Ltd

John Hall established the company in December 1803 at Gorsey Brow in Bury. By 1819, the company had expanded, and Hall built a new mill at Walmersley, on land purchased from Captain Richard Nangreave. The new mill was called Mount Pleasant Mill. By the 1820s, the core business was quilt manufacturing. The factory manufactured the warp and weft for local handloom weavers to work on at home. The company employed around thirteen hundred handloom weavers.

During the 19th century, the company expanded further, with new complexes added to the factory site. The company installed electricity in 1888, and production became entirely mechanised. By 1891, Mount Pleasant Mill had 250 looms, and produced fancy and plain quilts, fancy and plain velvet, and fancy cords. The registered office was at 11 Mosley Street, Manchester.

The company developed its international markets during the first quarter of the 20th century, supplying a variety of woven products to North America.

The company ceased trading in 1965.