Kendall & Gent Limited

In 1847 two young men George Kendall, a draftsman and William Gent, a fitter opened a business manufacturing gas burners. Originally situated at premises adjacent to the recently completed London Road station, Manchester.

The company prospered, and they soon branched out into other areas of manufacturing. It is recorded in a directory of 1857 referring to them being manufacturers of engineering tools, including drills, cutter, lathe tools etc. As the business prospered it was necessary to move to new premises in Salford at Victoria works, Springfield Lane. The company were involved in making every conceivable kind of machine tool, it was unusual to make machines to customers specifications. Eventually Kendall & Gent to build a completely new works on a site in Gorton, Manchester. The new works, also named Victoria Works was opened in 1897.

They continued to expand on the site, especially during the First World War when demand for machine tools increased dramatically. Kendall & Gent were one of the founder members of the Associated British Machine Tool Makers which was formed in 1917.

The company underwent a reorganisation in 1920 and became a public limited company under F.C. Mosley, who became Chairman and Managing Director of the new company. The company underwent further expansion and new bays were added to the existing buildings between 1938 and 1956.

In 1959 the shareholders of the company were approached by W. E. Sykes Limited to either sell to or swap the shares they owned for W. E. Sykes Ltd non-voting shares, for Sykes to gain a controlling interest in Kendall & Gent. Eventually they were successful, and Kendall & Gent became an associated company of W. E. Sykes Limited in the same year.

Later in 1966 Kendall & Gent were acquired by Staveley Industries.