Baumann, Karl (CBE, DSc (Honorary Fellow)) 1884 - 1971


Karl Baumman born in Switzerland in 1884, graduated as an engineer in Zurich in 1906. He continued to work as an Assistant of Aurel Stodola and then went to work for Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg, MAN for a further two years, before coming to England to work for what was then British Westinghouse Company in 1909. The company later became the Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co were Baumann served as a Chief Engineer and later appointed a Director and Member of the Executive Board.

Baumann’s contribution to turbine engineering resulted in over 115 Patents in his name. He specialised in large steam turbines for power generation and later designed the steam turbines for Battersea A Power Station. As well as being responsible for designing steam turbines he was also involved in the work on the gas turbine engine, the F2 for aircraft during the war. He took the ideas of the F2 gas turbine and used it as the power plant for Naval warships, producing the first gas turbine propelled ship the MGB 2009, in 1947.

He received many awards for his contributions and calculations to turbine technology, some of which is still used today. He was elected a Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and awarded the Thomas Hawksley Medal and the James Clayton Prize in 1948.