Frederick J. Abbott Ltd

Prior to 1890 Mr Frederick John Abbott together with business partner Mr Walton ran a boat building company at Millbrow, Runcorn under the name Abbott and Walton. Around 1890 Mr F. J Abbott independently went into business as a barge building and carrying company at ports Manchester, Liverpool and Birkenhead. The business was successful and in 1892 in the Castlefield area F.J Abbott acquired leased land and built a boatyard, warehouse with ancillary building and rented stables. As the business continued to develop F.J Abbott purchased the flour mill in Stanley Street Salford. In 1912 Mr F.J Abbott retired as chairman of the company and was succeeded by Mr Tom Frederick Abbott who was later appointed company chairman. In 1915 the company began to provide storage accommodation for Daily Mail newsprint. In 1917 Mr F.J Abbott died and the company continued to be run by three generations of the Abbott family, Mr Tom Abbott, Mr T. F Abbott and Mr J.N Abbott. After the end of the canal carrying era the last motor barge Iris Abbott was launched in 1947. In September 1982 Frederick J Abbott Plc re-registered its name to FJA (Holding Ltd) and together with Associated Investments Harmworth formed the company Duncan Transrail Ltd. The company was taken over in 1989 and FJA (Holding Ltd) was closed down.