Manchester Corporation

The Municipal Corporations Act of 1835 enabled towns to be granted a charter of incorporation after the inhabitants and householders had made an application to the Privy Council. The Charter of Incorporation was given to the town on the 23 October 1838 and allowed the six townships of Manchester, Cheetham, Hulme, Ardwick, Chorlton on Medlock and Beswick to become incorporate and provide the mechanism to set up the Borough of Manchester, made up of a Mayor, 16 aldermen and 48 councillors.

In 1844 the council resolved by an Act of Parliament for the good governance, regulation and policing of the borough by purchase the manorial rights of the Manor of Manchester from the then Lord of the Manor, Sir Oswald Mosely. This was duly done and although the council had a greater control over the well-being and safety of its inhabitants it was still a town. Manchester did not achieve city status until 1853, only the second one to be granted since the Reformation.