Wood Newspaper Machinery Corporation

Wood Newspaper Machinery Corporation was founded by Henry A. Wise Wood of New York, who in c. 1896, had taken out patents in connection with perfecting flat-bed web presses, which were assigned to the Campbell Printing Press & Manufacturing Co. He later developed the Autoplate Stereotype casting machine, and founded the firm of Wood Newspaper Machinery Corporation. In 1916, a new style of rotary web press, was bought out by the firm, which shortly before had located in Plainfield, N. J. The first one was built for the New York Herald, and then in the plant of the New York Daily News. The second press was placed in the pressroom of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin in 1917.

In 1967 Baker Perkins Ltd signed an agreement with Wood Newspaper Machinery Corporation of New Jersey which allowed the manufacture of and sale of rotary letterpress newspaper printing presses and folders in the UK, most of Europe, Africa and the British Commonwealth. The machines were to be marketed under the name "Baker/Wood". In turn the Wood Newspaper Machinery Corp. was appointed sole sales and service agents for the complete range of "Halley-Aller" web offset Printing presses manufactured at Peterborough.