Rotunda plc

Company formed by Harold Hands and John Irving originally to market proofed cloth under the name of Rotunda Limited.

The two men set up a factory in Denton, Manchester and supplied rubberized cloths, rubber compounds, calendered sheets, insulating tape and bitumenized hessian tape. With the introduction of tarrifs in 1931 there was an opportunity for the company to gain a licence to manufacture "Slipknot" tapes which were made in the United States of America.

Production of Slipknot began at Denton in 1933 and as production grew a further factory was purchased in Clayton, the factory originally made the Belsize motor car. In 1943 the company was acquired by Callender's Cable & Construction Co Ltd. A further factory was purchased by Rotunda at Chorley in 1963 as part of the acquisition by the company of Dulmas Limited.

The company joined the Scapa Group of companies in 1987.