Linotype and Machinery (South Africa) Limited 1914 - 1965


Agent for Linotype and Machinery Co. Ltd in South Africa, incorporated on the 1st January 1914. The registered office was at 188 Fleet Street, London. The business operations in South Africa commenced on the 1st May 1914 under the Management of Mr William Harold Thomas under the directions of the Board in London.

In an agreement dated the 29th June 1914 it was agreed by the Linotype and Machinery Limited that Linotype and Machinery (South Africa) Limited had the sole right to the re-sale in the Commonwealth of South Africa and Rhodesia {Zimbabwe] of all goods manufactured or dealt in by Linotype and Machinery Ltd. On the 18th June 1914 the Board agreed to the leasing of premises at No 86 Bree Street, Cape Town the first recorded offices of the company in South Africa.

The company continued to operate in South Africa for a number of years however, during the Ninteen Sixties continued losses incurred by the company meant that eventually in 1964 it was agreed to place the company in voluntary liquidation and to allow Spicers (South Africa) Ltd to act as the company's agent instead.