Bierrum International Limited

Bierrum International are specialists for design, construction and repair of industrial chimneys, cooling towers, silos and temporary works; established in the mid 1920's by a group of Danish engineers who came to the UK, among them Hans Bierrum company founder.

Bierrum's first cooling tower was built in 1930 and since then they have been involved in the design and construction of the majority of chimneys and cooling towers built in the UK.

The company began in Victoria Street, London, them moved to Harrow, then to Studham (near Whipsnade) in 1979, to Houghton Regis in 198 and to Barton-le-Clay in 2008. Today, Bierrum is owned by the Beroa Technology Group (BTG), a major German industrial group. Principle activities are: design, supply and installation of refractory brickwork for industrial furnaces and kilns and has operating companies in 25 countries. The Bierrum Head Office and construction depot is at Barton-le-Clay, Bedfordshire.