Renold Chains Ltd 1954

Established in 1954, following a change of name from Renold and Coventry Chain Co. Ltd, Renold Chains Ltd manufactured industrial chains for use in manufacturing and process control. The company traces its origins to 1864, with the establishment by James Slater of a chain making company in Manchester. Hans Renold, a Swiss engineer, purchased the company in 1879, renaming it the Hans Renold Company. The following year, Renold invented the bush roller chain and established an industry. Over the following years, the company developed industrial chains as well as chain assembly and processing machinery. In 1930, the Hans Renold Company merged with The Coventry Chain Company Limited, forming the Renold and Coventry Chain Co. Ltd. In 1967, the company changed its name again, to Renold Ltd, later Renold Plc. The company continues to operate in Manchester.

Company registration number 00249688