R. Hoe and Company

R. Hoe and Company was a New York and London based printing press manufacturer established by Peter Smith, Matthew Smith (?–1822), and their brother-in-law, English emigrant Robert Hoe (1784-1833). Founded in 1805 as Smith, Hoe & Co., they made wooden hand presses for printing, early on they also got into the business of making handsaws. In 1822 Smith died and Hoe took over the company, changing the name to R. Hoe & Co.

By the 1830s the company was making circular sawblades, as well as "Wiswell's spoke machine" and a Hamilton's patent felly-sawing machine. Robert Hoe died in 1833 at age 51, and his eldest son, Richard M., took over the reins. In 1920 R. Hoe and Crabtree formed, presumably a mergence with R. W. Crabtree and Sons.