Flamsteed, John 1646 - 1719

1646-1719, astronomer, English; British

1662 - left Derby grammar school at age 15, unable to attend university due to poor health. 1665 - visited Ireland to be ‘stroked’ by the famous healer Valentine Greatrakes in order to improve his health. 1666 - used Streete's Caroline Tables (1661), to calculate the places of the planets and to compile an ‘Almanac burlesque’. 1670 - with the help of Dr Richard Wroe, was admitted into Jesus College, Cambridge. 1674 - proceeded MA from Jesus College by royal mandate. 1675 - a warrant of appointment states he was to be the astronomical observator at the yet to be built Royal Observatory. 1676 - took up permanent residence after the completion of the Royal Observatory. 1677 - admitted as a fellow of the Royal Society. 1681 - started lecturing at Gresham College in London as deputy for the professor of astronomy, Dr Walter Pope. 1685 - ordained as a priest, acquiring the benefice of Burstow, in Surrey. 1689 - completed construction of the highkly successful Great Mural Arc. 1709 - following disagreements, was expelled from the Royal Society for non-payment of dues. 1725 - the three-volume Historia coelestis Britannica published posthumously by his wife and James Hodgson.