Jenner, Edward (MD, FRS) 1749 - 1823

1749-1823, physician; surgeon; pioneer of smallpox vaccination, British; English

1757 - attended the grammar school at Wotton under Edge.

1763 - began training with Daniel Ludlow, an apothecary in Chipping Sodbury.

1783 - published an improved method for preparing pure emetic tartar (potassium antimony tartrate) by recrystallization.

1784 - soon after both the Montgolfiers' pioneering flight and the first flight in Britain, Jenner was involved in the flight of an unmanned balloon.

1789 - with another doctor, John Hickes, he inoculated some individuals, including the infant Edward Jenner, with material from a disease variously described as swinepox, pigpox, and cowpox.

1796 - performed the first documented cowpox inoculation.

1809 - made an honorary member of the Geological Society.