Follett, David Henry 1907 - 1982

English; British

(1907-1982), Director of the Science Museum

David Henry Follett, born in 1907, attended Rutlish Grammar School from 1919 to 1926. He then studied physics in the Clarendon Laboratory at Oxford University as a student at Brasenose College. Follett joined the Science Museum in 1937 as an Assistant Keeper, when Colonel E. E. B. Mackintosh was the Director. He was later Director of the museum from 1960–73. Follett was also an author his work including "The Rise of the Science Museum under Henry Lyons". He was also a Fellow of the Museums Association.

Follett was knighted for his contribution to the museum world. He was married to Lady Follett, who died in 1996. David died in 1982.