Rothe, Gottfried 1679 - 1710


(1679-1710), Chemist

Gottfried Rothe, born in 1679, was the son of Aegidius Rothe (1646-1711) who after attending schools in Halle and Torgau as well as Wittenberg University taught natural philosophy at Wittenberg for a few years and then went to Lissa as a parson in 1676. Gottfried studied medicine from 1700-1704 at Leipzip University, giving special attention to chemistry. Among his teachers was J. Bohn. Then he proceeded to Halle University, where he worked closely with G. E. Stahl. In 1708 he earned a medical license under Stahl with a dissertation on metallic salts. Returning to Leipzig he received his M.D. there on the three-hundred anniversary of the university in late 1709.

Between 1709 and 1710 Gottfried practiced medicine in Leipzip and gave private lectures on chemistry - these were published posthumously in 1718 and subsequently issued in many editions and translations.