Rennie, John 1761 - 1821

1761-1821, engineer, Scottish; British

1779 - set up on his own as a millwright under the guidance of Andrew Meikle (1719–1811), inventor of the threshing machine.

1780 - matriculated from Edinburgh University.

1783 - undertook a study tour into England where he met James Watt.

1786 - completed machinery for Watts' Albion Mill in London.

1790 - appointed surveyor to the Kennet and Avon Canal.

1798 - elected fellow of the Royal Society.

1800-5 - acted as engineer to the London docks.

1811-1848 - created the mile-long protective breakwater at Plymouth Sound.

1807-10 - collaborated with Robert Stevenson on the Bell Rock lighthouse off Arbroath. Designed the original Waterloo, Southwark and London Bridges.