Goodrich, Simon 1773 - 1847

English; British

(1773-1847), engineer and mechanician to the Navy Board

Goodrich was born on the 28th of October 1773 however little is known about his early life. In December 1796 he was appointed a draftsman to the mechanist in the office of Sir Samuel Bentham (1757–1831), inspector-general of naval works. Goodrich was chief assistant to Sir Samuel Bentham and he carried out the various schemes of improvement instigated by Bentham for the dockyards. Goodrich was also heavily involved in the introduction of steam power and the establishment at Portsmouth and other dockyards of mills for working wood and metal, the block-making machinery mills, mills for making cordage and rope, and the millwright's workshop.

The engineer Joshua Field was a pupil of Goodrich from 1803-1805. In April 1814 Goodrich was appointed engineer and mechanist to the Navy Board, and after Bentham left, he managed the engineering works of the dockyards, and acted as a consultant to the Navy Board on engineering matters. This entailed residence at Portsmouth, until his retirement in 1831.

Goodrich was elected a corresponding member of the Institution of Civil Engineers in December 1820, and transferred to membership in December 1837. Goodrich moved to Lisbon in 1834 and died there on 3 September 1847, his importance unrecognized by an obituary.