Crabtree Vickers Ltd.

Crabtree Vickers, Britain's only manufacturer of sheet fed offset printing machines, originates in 1849 when William Dawson employed David Payne and Robert Elliot to start an iron foundry in Otley. In 1895 Richard Wadsworth Crabtree and Alfred Horsfield founded the RW Crabtree group of companies. In 1965 Dawson, Payne and Elliot joined the RW Crabtree group to form the country's largest printing press manufacturer. The same year Vickers Limited acquired RW Crabtree Group of companies. The following year, Crabtree Vickers was established as Britain's foremost printing machinery manufacturer with the acquisition of Waite and Saville.

In 1977 Crabtree Vickers Leeds was formed - the only British manufacturer of a range of sheet and web fed offset printing presses and the home of CV news press - they produced their first press, the 900 series in 1980. In 1993 the company was incorporated.