Chloride Electrical Storage Company Limited

The Chloride Electrical Storage Syndicate Ltd was incorporated on the 12 December 1891. The company had been established to adopt a provisional agreement dated the 30 November 1891 and made between The Electric Storage Battery Company and The United Gas Improvement Company on one part and John Arnold Einem Hickson to exploit patents belonging to The Electric Storage Battery Co of New Jersey, United States of America.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Syndicate held on the 6 May 1902 a Special Resolution was passed and amongst the business of the day was the changing of the company name to The Chloride Electrical Storage Co Ltd. The company expanded as a result of the many batteries it developed and the applications they were used for. From 1909 it began developing relationships with other companies producing batteries.

In 1922 it gained a controlling interest in Pritchetts and Gold which was just the start of its formidable capacity for acquiring other companies. Between 1929 it acquired or had controlling interests in over 20 companies either involved in the manufacturing of batteries or the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

The company remained with this name until a resolution passed on the 18 July 1972 which saw it change to Chloride Group Ltd this came into force on the 1 October 1972.The Group became a plc in 1981 and remained so until September 2010 when it became a private company once again.