Henry Maudslay and Company

Henry Maudslay and Company, an engineering firm, was established by Henry Maudslay in 1798 after he left working for Joseph Bramah. The company had premises in Wells Road, off Oxford Street, and then in Margaret Street, Marylebone.

The companies first major commission was to build a series of 42 woodworking machines to produce wooden rigging blocks (each ship required thousands) for the Navy under Sir Marc Isambard Brunel. The machines were installed in the purpose-built Portsmouth Block Mills, which still survive, including some of the original machinery.

Many outstanding engineers trained or developed their expertise in his workshop. In 1810 the company moved to Lambeth and became Maudslay and Field when Henry took on a partner, Joshua Field. It later became Maudslay, Sons and Field when Henry's Sons joined the firm.