Henry Tinsley and Company Limited

Manufacturers of scientific instruments, submarine telegraph equipment and electric measuring instruments

Henry Tinsley and Co. Ltd. was established in 1904 by Henry Tinsley. He started making galvanometers and resistance boxes in a workshop at his home in Elmers Road, Beckenham. The business grew and in 1907 the firm moved to Stanley House, Eldon Park Road, South Norwood where Tinsley entered into a partnership with another instrument maker named Snell - becoming Snell & Tinsley, making telegraph apparatus, condensers, standard cells, potentiometers and 'bridges'. Snell however died after one year of the partnership leaving Henry Tinsley in sole ownership.

In 1916 the business moved again to Werndee Hall and in 1919 DC Gall Henry's young cousin joined the firm until he retired at the age of 77in 1970. That same year the company was sold to Agricultural Holdings Ltd, which had a large engineering division into which Tinsley became incorporated. Agricultural Holdings Co. Ltd was itself sold to Booker McConnel Ltd, with the exception of Tinsley and one or two other small companies which then became The Tinsley Group Ltd. The company trades under the name Tinsley today.