Engineering Council UK

The Engineering Council UK (now known as Engineering Council), based in London, is the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession, who sets and maintains internationally recognised standards of professional competence and commitment. It is responsible for the accreditation of educational and training programmes, delegating this responsibility to Licensed Member institutions.

The field of engineering was growing from the 19th Century. The central recommendation to the Council of Engineering Institutions (CEI) 1980 report was that the Government should establish an authority to act as an “engine of change”. The authority’s members were to be appointed by Government “to advance education in, and to promote the science and practice of engineering for the public benefit and thereby to promote industry and commerce”. This effort aimed to promote engineering and establish uniform professional standards.

The outcome of the commission was the establishment of the Engineering Council in 1981, which was composed predominantly of qualified engineers alongside men and women connected with engineers in industry and around the world. Watching over 54 separate institutions, it gained a Royal Charter on 27 November 1981.