Kaufman, Morris 1919 - 1988

(1919-1988), educationalist and historian of the plastics industry

Morris Kaufman, born in 1919, in the East End of London of Central European origins, Morris understood the importance of education and training, and he later he became Principal Lecturer and a governor at the Polytechnic of North London, now known as London Metropolitan University, which houses the historical School of Polymer Technology.

Kaufman was a distinguished plastics historian and educator whose slim but significant volume 'The First Century of Plastics: Celluloid and Its Sequel', written and edited by Morris in 1963, is still a key text on the origins of the plastics industry. Morris’s many publications include 'Giant Molecules' (1968), 'A History of PVC' (1969) and countless reports and articles. He was also the Plastics Institute’s industrial archaeologist, a Science Museum Fellow and a founder member and committee member of the Plastics Historical Society. His passion for working with young people resulted in The Kaufman Award which was set up to help students whose education would be curtailed through financial difficulties.

Kaufman died in 1988. He has an open plaque outside his home at 5 Blackstone Road, NW2, London.