Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) was established in 1971 to operate in all areas of the oil and gas industry. The company has steadily broadened its activity in establishing companies and subsidiaries and created an integrated oil and gas industry in the fields of exploration and production, support services, oil refining and gas processing, chemicals and petrochemicals, maritime transportation and refined products and distribution.

During the past four decades, ADNOC has expanded its business activities, enhanced its competitive position and become one of the world’s leading oil companies with substantial business interests in upstream and downstream activities, including transportation, shipping, marketing and distribution. ADNOC’s efforts in the exploration and production field have concentrated on assessing undiscovered reserves and optimizing hydrocarbon recovery by improving the reservoir management. In 2009, the company launched the ‘ADNOC Sustainability Performance Initiative’ ensuring a harmonious balance between society’s needs and Earth’s resources, while its track record in HSE sets the standards for the rest of the Arabian Gulf. ADNOC has established a number of institutions that train and develop a qualified UAE cadre for the energy sector. The Petroleum Institute, The Glenelg School of Abu Dhabi, the ADNOC Technical Institute, the Achievers’ Oasis and other scholarship programs are but a few examples of ADNOC’s educational projects.

ADNOC continues today and has 15 subsidiary companies working in the various fields of the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry as well as crude oil and gas transport and services.