General Electric Company, USA

General Electric Company, USA (GE), was incorporated on 15 April 1892 as a result of a merger between competing companies Edison General Electric and the Thomson-Houston Company, based in Schenectady, New York. In 1896 GE established a subsidiary company called British Thomson-Houston (BTH) for the exploitation of its products in the United Kingdom. In the railway field GE produced electric propulsion equipment, electric locomotives and diesel-electric locomotives from the 1930s and also supplied electrical equipment for PCC streetcars. In 1989 GE agreed to combine its European business interests in appliances, medical systems, electrical distribution, and power systems with the formerly unrelated British corporation General Electric Company.

GE’s business groups in the early 21st century were in the areas of commercial finance; consumer finance; infrastructure (including diesel locomotives, jet engines, water treatment systems, and energy delivery systems such as power grids); consumer and industrial technologies (including appliances and lighting products); health care (including diagnostic and imaging products); and media and entertainment through NBC Universal. In 2009 it was announced that GE had agreed to sell a majority stake in NBC Universal to Comcast. In June 2014 GE bought Alstom’s Power and Grid businesses.