Drewry Car Co Ltd

The Drewry Car Co Ltd was registered on 27 November 1906 in London located at Herne Hill Works and relocated to new works at Somerset Road, Teddington from 1907-1908.

In 1911 a working agreement was made between Baguley-Cars Ltd (1911) with the Drewry Car Company Ltd. for the manufacture of internal combustion engine railcars. From 1930 a lot of Drewry locomotives were built by English Electric companies. In 1961 the company manufactured railway vehicles, specialising in diesel operated rail traction cars. In 1962 Drewry acquired a controlling interest in what had become E E Baguley Ltd, and formed Baguley-Drewry Ltd in 1987, once again building its own locomotives, in Burton-on-Trent.