South African Iron and Steel Corporation

The South African Iron and Steel Corporation (ISCOR) was established in 1942 to meet the increasing demand for steel in South Africa. In 1943 a new heavy plate mill was completed and went into production and ISCOR began trading in 1947. In 1953 ISCOR started a new open pit ore mining operation in Sishen and in 1955 the company acquired the Durban Navigation Collieries to provide its own source of fuel, coking coal. In the 1960’s ISCOR became dominated by Afrikaner nationalist sentiment and the Apartheid Regime. In the 1970s ISCOR restructured and adopted a more corporate style of business; however it was still state owned until the late 1980s. ISCOR was privatised in 1989 as a result of the end of apartheid and became ISCOR Ltd.