Hackworth Young, Reginald 1905 - 1977

Reginald (known as Rex) was orphaned at 10, he was educated at Leeds Modern, the first secondary modern school. Wishing to follow in his family heritage, he attended night school for 9 years; became a Batchelor of Science in Engineering, a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, Member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and a member of the Institute of Heating and Ventilating Engineers.

He worked for English Electric, Woods of Colchester (whilst there was commissioned into the Royal Engineers for the duration of the war), became Department Head of Fan Engineering at the National College/Heating Ventilating and Refrigeration Engineers at its inception, Chief of Design and Development of Sturtevant Engineers, then Superintending Mechanical & Electrical Engineer at the War Office Chessington (eventually being posted to London when it became the Department of Engineering)

Reginald Hackworth Young designed the first cooker with gas hobs and an electric oven; he built up experimental plant, including a low velocity two-dimensional flow wind tunnel in which it was possible to determine lift and drag characteristics of aerofoil section; simplified the approach to the design of Axial Flow Fans; redesigned Sturtevant fans, ‘Young’ fans were installed in mines all over the UK and Norway. He carried out research and development for the army, setting design standards, he wrote articles, sat on various British Standard Committees and gave lectures. He retired in 1970.