The Big Life Group

The Big Life Group is one of the largest social businesses in the country. It owns and publishes The Big Issue in the North, which started life in December 1992 as a supplement to the London Big Issue (launched in 1991). The Big Issue in the North grew into an independent publication, and has been run from its head office in Manchester since 1998. On Monday 29 October 2012, the Big Issue in the North launched the world's first digital street magazine. The pilot scheme started in Manchester, with a view to being rolled out across the North. Rather than buying a print copy of the magazine, customers can buy a card with a QR code which can be scanned, enabling them to read the magazine on their mobile device.

The Big Life Group also operates health and community resource centres, known as Big Life Centres, locally based childcare through Big Life Nurseries, and provides employment and training opportunities through its Big Life Enterprises arm.