Turner, Edward Raymond 1873 - 1903


Edward Raymond Turner was a British inventor and cinematographer. He produced the earliest known colour motion picture film footage.

Turner was born in 1873 in Clevedon, North Somerset, England. In later life, Raymond and his wife Edith lived near the centre of Hounslow in West London. He is known for his attempts to develop the first colour motion film system, which was financed in part by Frederick Marshall Lee and later by Charles Urban.

In 1899 Turner was employed by the colour photography pioneer Frederic E. Ives in a London workshop. During this time Turner Frederick Marshall Lee applied for a British patent for a 3-colour additive motion picture process. The patent was granted on 3 March 1900. Charles Urban bought out Lee's interest in the technology in September 1902, and continued to fund Turner until his death of a heart attack in March 1903. After his death, Urban asked George Albert Smith to continue his work.

Following his death, film producer Charles Urban, who had been financing Turner, asked George Albert Smith to continue his work.