Price & Reeves

Price & Reeves were a partnership of Mr John Henry Price and Mr T J Reeves, based at 12 Waterloo Place SW1, London. It is not known when the company came into existence, however the earliest date mentioned in the records is c 1897. Price & Reeves are most renowned for the construction of the Rotherhithe Tunnel, completed in 1908. This was to the design of Maurice Fitzmaurice, Chief Engineer to London County Council. They also worked on the London Electric Railway, Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway, and Gosport Wharf. In later years they completed a number of projects overseas in Belgium, Kenya, Australia and India and also worked on some housing projects. It is not known when the company ceased to exist, the latest date found in the records held by the the National Railway Museum is 1927.