Hackworth, Timothy (b 1825 – d 1856) 1856

Hackworth, Timothy (b 1825 – d 1856) son of Hackworth, Timothy, Railway Engineer (b 1786 – d 1850) and Hackworth, Jane (b 1785 -d 1852) (nee Golightly) was born in 27/02/1825. He had a twin Thomas who died at six weeks old. He assisted his father with the business, and after his father died he continued to work at Soho Works. In January 1851 he applied for a mortgage to enable the business to continue and concentrated on building stationary engine at Soho. When the estate was being settled he offered to buy the works but his offer was rejected and eventually in 1855 the works were sold. By this time Timothy had become very unwell with diabetes and had gone to live with his sister Nightingale, Prudence (b 1822 – d 1897) (nee Hackworth) at Heighington, he died 02/05/1856.