Sieger, Joshua 1907 - 1993


Joshua Sieger was a scientist and engineer involved in the development of gas detection and communications technology, including scophony and colour television systems.

Sieger was born on 5 January 1907 in Shepherd's Bush, London, England. As a young boy, he became interested in science and technology, particularly wireless (radio) technologies and electrical engineering.

After completing his studies in 1924, Sieger took on a position working for Amateur Wireless, a popular radio enthusiasts' magazine. In 1925, whilst working for the magazine, he applied for a patent for a new portable radio system called the Olympus. He set up a company, Portadyne Radio, to sell the set. Sieger then gave up his role at Amateur Wireless to continue working as a manufacturer.

In 1930 Sieger joined an organisation called Scophony, who were developing projection-based television systems. The outbreak of World War II halted development of the projection systems at Scophony, and the employees in their laboratories were seconded into developing secret signalling systems based on television techniques. Sieger moved to the Telecommunications Research Establishment as Principal Technical Officer and Divisional Leader of Engineering. He also became a member of the National Television Systems Committee, working closely with the Radio Corporation of America and Hazeltine Corporation, amongst others.

In the years following the war, Sieger worked in both the UK and US as a consultant for a number of companies in various industries. After he returned to the UK in 1956, he began to develop gas detection technology. He developed a remote and sensitive gas technology, and after several years of testing the device, called Mark 9, was ready. Sieger refined the device in partnership with a new manufacturer, International Engineering Concessionaires (IEC), and on 31 July 1959, IEC-Sieger Ltd. was incorporated.

The success of Mark 9 was impressive, and the device's superior sensitivity impressed its purchasers. By June 1961, a decision was made to manufacture in-house, and a new building was purchased in Poole, Dorset. Sieger disengaged from IEC-Sieger Ltd later that year and a new company called J&S Sieger was established towards the end of 1961. This company was later sold to Zellweger in 1979.

Sieger passed away on 1st March 1993.