Scinde Railway Company

The Scinde Railway Company was a railway company established in 1854 in what is now Pakistan. The line initially stretched from Karachi to Kotreem until 1857 when the constitution of the company was modified and contracts were made for the construction of another section of the line from Multan to Amritsar in the Punjab. Contracts were also made for working a Steam Flotilla on the Indus connecting the Scinde and Punjab sections. The company constructed a further line connecting Delhi and Amritsar. The four sections of the railway were at first kept separate and distinct under the names of the Scinde Railway, Indus Flotilla Company, Punjab Railway and Delhi Railway, although conducted through the agency of one company. In 1869 the three railway sections were amalgamated into the Scinde Punjab and Delhi Railway.

In 1886 the state acquired and merged the Scinde, Punjab and Delhi Railway‎‎, Punjab Northern Railway, Indus Valley State Railway, eastern section of Sind-Sagar Railway, southern section of Sind Pishin Railway, and Kandhar State Railway. The whole system was brought under direct state management under name North Western State Railway, later renamed as the North Western Railway (NWR).