Hawthorn, Robert 1770 - 1842

Robert Hawthorn Sr. (1770-1842), Engineer, was born in 1770. He worked as an engineer to the owners of Walbottle Colliery, near Newcastle, for more than 50 years.

Robert Hawthorn Sr. was frequently consulted on engineering questions by, for example, the Caledonian Canal Company and George Stephenson. Stephenson was said to be indebted to Robert for much valuable mechanical information, which he successfully applied to his own work. In 1841 he was living in Newburn and working as an engineer.

In 1789 he married Alice Burn in Shilbottle, Northumberland. They had two sons, Robert Jr. (1796-1867) and William (1799-1875). Robert Hawthorn Sr. died in 1842 in Castle Ward, Northumberland.