Trevithick, Frederick 1812 - 1877


Frederick Henry Trevithick (1816-1902), Engineer. He was born in Penzance as the second son of Engineer Richard Trevithick in 1816.

Frederick Henry Trevithick became the locomotive and carriage superintendent of the Grand Trunk Railway, Canada. In 1864 he constructed the floating steam bridge between Portsmouth and Gosport.

In 1840 Frederick was married Maria Garland (born in London). According to the 1851 cencus, the family was living at 2 Crownfield Place, Stratford, West Ham. Frederick (age 34) was working as an engineer. Family included wife Maria (age 36), children Maria (age 9), Frederick (age 7) and James G. (age 4) and a servant.

Frederick Henry Trevithick died in 1902 at Paignton, aged 86.