Pye Telecommunications Ltd

Pye Ltd formed Pye Telecommunications Ltd (PTL) in 1944 as a wholly owned subsidiary company. It was intended to expand on the experience gained during the Second World War for developing and manufacturing Army communications equipment. From the 1940s, the company had production units in five locations – Cambridge, Lowestoft, Dublin, Haverhill and Brixton. Overseas manufacturing plants opened in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, with offices in New York, Berlin and Paris. Associated companies included Pye Marine Ltd, Faraday Electronic Instruments Ltd, Telecommunications Ltd and Cathodeon Crystals Ltd. The company grew to be one of the leading UK producers of mobile radio equipment for commercial, business, industrial, police and government purposes. The company continued to operate under the name of Pye Telecommunications Ltd after the Philips takeover of Pye in 1966 until 1986 when it transformed into Philips Radio Communications Systems.