Adamson, Daniel 1820 - 1890

Born in Shildon, County Durham on the 30th April 1820. He was educated at Edward Walton Quaker Scholl until he was 13, when he left to become an apprentice to Timothy Hackworth. After his Apprenticeship, he continued to work for Hackworth and served as a draughtsman and engineer. He was General Manager of the Stockton and Darlington Works before becoming Manager at the Heaton Foundry, Stockport.

He went on to form his own company and built a factory in 1872, at new premises in Dukinfield. He improved the design and manufacturing process for many aspects of boiler and foundry work. He developed other business interests including spinning and shares in other iron works.

He is best known for championing the development of the Manchester Ship Canal. He arranged a meeting of all interested parties at his home in 1882. He was elected to be the first Chairman of the provisional committee involved in the promoting of the Ship Canal. An Act of Parliament in 1885 ensured the canal would be built, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of directors.