Shropshire Postal Camera Club

Shropshire Postal Camera Club was a photographic society active between 1915 and c. 2007. Its prime objective was for members to submit their own photographic work and comment on other members' entries. The club was non-competitive and involved members submitting photographs to a folio. This folio was then circulated to all members twice, first for their comments on each images, and secondly so that the members were able to see all comments.

The club was established in 1915. At this stage, a Mr R J Vaughton Dymock of Prestfelde, Shrewsbury, acted as secretary. Little is known about its earliest days beyond this.

Members in the 1940s including Maurice Bishop who acted as secretary until 1956. In 1956 the club had 17 members. Membership increased to 20 in the 1960s, but then began to fall in the late 1970s. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s there were around 10-12 members. In 1999 there were 8 listed contributing members. Norman Lambert acted as secretary between 1956 and his death in 1993, after which Jim Greig took over his role.

In 1993 and after the death of Norman Lambert, a member of the club who had participated extensively throughout the club's history, an annual competition was created called "The Norman Lambert Commemorative Box (Folio)".