Young, George Edward (b 1823 – d 1889) Wesleyan Methodist Preacher 1889

Jane Hackworth married Young, George Edward (b 1823 -1889) Wesleyan Preacher 28/12/1853. The couple moved around regularly due to George Edward’s job; correspondence shows that they lived in Leeds, London and that Jane lived in Hull.

Young, George Edward (b 1823 -1889) Wesleyan Preacher was the only son of Robert Young, who had worked with Timothy Hackworth at Wylam Colliery. Robert Young came to work for the Stockton and Darlington Railway at the same time as Timothy Hackworth and was an engineman at Brusselton Incline. George Edward Young was an office boy at Soho Works and worked his way up to be office manager. He later became a Wesleyan Methodist Preacher and was Methodist Minister in Leeds from 1868 – 1874 and from 1877 – 1880.

They had five sons and one daughter, sons including the following that feature in the archive Young, Timothy Hackworth (b 1855 – d?).

Both Jane and George Edward Young were active in campaigning for recognition of Timothy Hackworth. George Edward Young’s research papers and correspondence demonstrate his involvement.