Shaw, Anne G (M.A.)

Graduated from Edinburgh University with a degree in psychology where she also took a social science diploma. She continued her studies in the United States of America at the Bryn Mawr University, Pennsylvania and then working as a research assistant at the Gilbreth Motion Study Laboratories at Montclair, New Jersey.

Ann returned to Britain in 1930 and went to work in the Personnel Department, Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co Ltd during which she organised a Motion Study Department, the first of its kind in Britain, whilst at the same time becoming Chief Supervisor of Women.

During the war her work in improving the production techniques of the company came to the attention of Sir Stafford Cripps, Minister of Aircraft production. He invited her to join his Ministry’s Production Efficiency Board. After the war ended Anne continued to work in the field and also entered the field of industrial consultancy, forming her own company.