James Lyne Hancock Limited

James Lyne Hancock Limited were manufacturers of Vulcanized India Rubber goods, at 266 Goswell Road, London, EC. The company was established by Thomas Hancock in 1821. Between 1842-5 1842/5 the company was re-established when Thomas Hancock's part of the business was split from Charles Macintosh and Co and sold to his nephew, James Lyne Hancock, whilst Thomas remained a director of Charles Macintosh and Co.

In the 1870s, JLH made his first round rubber-tyre for the Ariel bicycle of Haynes and Jefferis; this used soft spongy rubber on the underside and toughened rubber on the tread, an idea which has been copied in the tyre trade ever since, even with pneumatic tyres.

The factory continued in production until 1939, having been taken over by the British Tyre and Rubber Co Ltd.